Help Videos

On this first video we layout a rigid frame building we sent to Africa for the Navy. This building has 3 ridge frame sets and 5 frame lines. We explain identifying the frame sets and how they layout on the frame lines.

Help 1

On this second video we explain the anchor bolt layout for a pre-engineered 40′ x 60′ metal building and where the brace cable attaches to a plate in the concrete. We go over the floor plan and anchor bolt details relative to end walls (EW) and sidewalls (SW).

Help 2

On this third video we explain metal building flange braces from looking at the plans and figuring the location, length and how many go in that location.

Help 3

This fourth video shows reading the plans for setting the anchor bolts for a per-engineered building. The example we use is an aircraft hangar.

Help 4