What Makes Rapidset Different

by Larry Stevens

Rapidset Metal Buildings - The Best Kept Secret In The Metal Building Business: What makes them different and why you should call them first.

Over the last 14 years, Rapidset Metal Buildings has quietly established itself as the best place to go when you need a steel building. Building on a dedication to outstanding customer service, superb quality, and competitive pricing, Rapidset has delivered thousands of buildings of all kinds across the USA and over 20 countries around the globe. Commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, farm buildings, industrial buildings - metal buildings of every shape, size, and design. Their consistent delivery of personal attention and great value has produced numerous repeat customers and opportunities to work on some amazing pre-engineered building (PEB) projects. When comparing apples-to-apples, Rapidset is among the most competitive metal building producers anywhere.

So what makes Rapidset so unique? To answer that question, we need to understand a little bit about the metal building industry. When you decide to purchase a steel building, there 3 typical sources to which you can turn. Then there’s Rapidset. Let’s take a look first at the 3 choices that most of us are familiar with in the PEB market: large market leaders (I like to call them the “Big Boys”), smaller regional manufacturers, and metal building broker/dealers.

The Big Boys

These companies are the ones everyone knows. They have tremendous resources, numerous manufacturing facilities, large engineering and design staffs, and big market share. Their sheer size provides economies of scale and allows them to sell their product at very competitive pricing (if they want to). The best ones have multiple plants across the country and boast very high standards in manufacturing process. They also have the capacity to work on virtually any project, regardless of difficulty or design complexity. They have great resources when it comes to engineering and design and can build just about anything.

There are significant tradeoffs to these benefits, however. The large size of these organizations present serious problems when it comes to customer service. Sometimes even the smallest issues or customer change requirements become nightmares in red-tape. Departments don’t communicate with one another: manufacturing didn’t get the latest detailing update, no one informed the shipping department of the change in delivery date, the sales rep in one city can’t reach the engineer in another city. The large size of the company also breeds inflexible systems, with good reason. The larger the company, the more important it is for everyone to have firm rules and procedures. Unfortunately, it can force the company to sacrifice nimble customer service for the sake of company policy and procedure.

Regional Manufacturers

Smaller regional manufacturers are popular in today’s market mostly because they provide what the Big Boys don’t - customer service and flexibility. Their companies were started and built on principles of personal customer service. These companies thrive because they are responsive. They control their processes - design and manufacturing are often in-house. Issues can be quickly resolved and changes can be handled quickly and efficiently - no red-tape. Unusual requests and circumstances can be accommodated because all the decisions are made by people on site. They deal with people, not processes.

As you would expect, there are disadvantages for these regional manufacturers, too. Their smaller scale makes them less cost efficient than the Big Boys. They may be able to compete in their local markets, but broad competitive pricing is just not possible. They can pick and choose the projects where they apply special pricing (so they don’t lose an important job), but in the end they simply don’t have the same buying power or manufacturing efficiencies to keep costs as low as the market leaders. Some of these regional producers also are limited in their design and engineering capacity. If they design in-house, you may find that they do not have the expertise necessary to design a complex project or may be unfamiliar with your particular application.

Brokers and Dealers

This source is perhaps the least attractive of the 3 standard options for buying a metal building. Broker/dealers typically have selling agreements with manufacturers in which they receive either commissions or discounts (or both) in return for marketing the manufacturer’s product. The broker/dealer normally doesn’t design, engineer or manufacture the building. They simply sell it. It is possible that you might not even know they are selling someone else’s building. Your drawings and documents may be “private labeled”, with the broker/dealer’s name on them instead of the manufacturer’s, so you may not know who actually makes your building.

The customer of the broker/dealer usually likes doing business with them because it is personal and they can develop a relationship with the salesperson. This is true enough, but at the end of the day the broker/dealer is actually just a customer of the larger manufacturing company. They are subject to the policies and procedures and red-tape of those companies like everyone else. There are obviously some exceptions, but how do you know if you are buying from one of them? When you buy from a broker/dealer, you are basically paying a middleman a fee to buy a metal building for you. This is not to say that there are not some good broker/dealers out there - there certainly are. Good broker/dealers add value by acting as a consultant in the buying process and some are excellent consultants.

The Rapidset Difference

Rapidset Metal Buildings offers the very best of all worlds when it comes to buying a metal building. They provide all the customer service benefits of a smaller & more flexible company, consistent high quality through in-house design and detailing, and competitive pricing by utilizing the large scale, advanced manufacturing facilities of the Big Boys. Yes, you really can have it all when you buy your metal building!

Rapidset’s difference begins with the culture and principles of the company. Rapidset is dedicated to the customer first. They provide outstanding, personal customer service with a “can-do” attitude. When you work with Rapidset, you work with people who answer and return phone calls, give attention to details, ask the right questions and give accurate, timely information. They keep their promises - from pricing to design and delivery dates. They offer great flexibility, as well. They can offer unique building configurations, builder names on the drawings, buildings without roof or wall panels, and most other special requests. From the first contact you have with Rapidset, you will be impressed by their personal attention and friendly service. It’s how they do business.

All the systems at Rapidset have been built around this commitment to customer service. The greatest example of this is Rapidset’s in-house design and detailing process. Excellent customer service in the metal building business hinges on delivering a quality product. The building MUST go up cleanly and quickly, with no delays due to design or manufacturing mistakes. In order to make this happen, Rapidset determined from the beginning to control the design process in-house. This arrangement has enabled Rapidset to continuously improve the design and manufacturing process. They can provide quotes almost immediately, sometimes within minutes. If you need help designing your building, Rapidset’s team can guide you - they ask the right questions and can assist with expert advice because they understand the design process.

Rapidset’s reputation for quality design has proven to be one of its greatest assets. This history of outstanding design quality opened the door for Rapidset to enter into production agreements with some of the largest, most sophisticated steel building manufacturing facilities in the world. And because Rapidset maintains in-house design & detailing, they are able to control and constantly improve the process without fighting the corporate red-tape of the large companies.

The question of competitive pricing is perhaps the biggest mystery when it comes to Rapidset Metal Buildings. If you have priced a building through the folks at Rapidset, you know them to be very competitive all across the US and around the world. How do they do it? If they contract the manufacture of their buildings, how can they be competitive? It’s a great question and the answer lies in the details. Literally. Rapidset’s secret weapon is their superior in-house design and detailing system. It is not factory software - it is a state-of-the-art proprietary software that has been developed to ensure the best and most efficient metal building design possible. It allows Rapidset to control quality and accuracy in-house, making sure that each customer gets a properly built structure that bolts together correctly. The in-house system coordinates with the manufacturing floor to manufacture according to Rapidset’s design and specifications.

Because Rapidset designs in-house and is seamlessly integrated with the manufacturing facilities, they are able to pay by the pound for their buildings. This is significant because Rapidset’s design systems are constantly improving. Their leading edge design makes the most efficient possible use of every pound of steel required for each building. The result is not just a competitively priced building, but a superbly designed, high quality building that is delivered on time, on budget, and goes up correctly the first time.

If you are in the market for a metal building, or you expect to be, you owe it to yourself to call Rapidset Metal Buildings first. No matter whether your building is large or small, complex or simple, Rapidset offers the best steel building buying experience you will find. Learn for yourself why people say, “You’ll come for the price, stay for the service!”