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Rapidset Metal Buildings, DIY Metal Buildings Kits, Metal Shop Building Kits in Colorado with Metal Frame Buildings, Prefab Metal Building Kits. We design your pre-engineered steel building kits, DIY Plans, Engineer, and Ship your building to your construction site anywhere in the USA or Export around the World.


Do you need unique metal buildings that meet specific requirements? Rapidset Metal Buildings designs, draw supplies and installs technically complex custom-made metal buildings. Thanks to our 30+ years of metal building construction experience, we offer prefab metal building solutions for every project. However difficult or challenging it may be.

High-quality and aesthetic metal constructions

At Rapidset Metal Buildings, we do not shy away from any challenge. On the contrary, we prefer issues and complicated projects. That is why we specialized in complex custom metal constructions, mainly in the renovation and restoration sector. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, we realize metal constructions that meet your requirements and expectations. We always take the aesthetic aspect into account.


  • support of machines and transport systems
  • renovation, reinforcement, and modification of existing metal structures
  • adaptation or support of existing structures and buildings
  • architectural projects, in which design plays an important role
  • buildings with specific requirements, where construction and machines sometimes form one whole

Innovative custom solutions from A to Z

Rapidset Metal Buildings provides complex custom metal buildings and guides your entire metal construction project from A to Z. From measurements on the site and technical drawings to delivery and installation of the metal buildings on location. For the production of the metal constructions ourselves, we can always count on our reliable permanent partners.

Metal Building Kit

Metal buildings are simply a process of taking the client’s criteria, environmental load, the factories available materials engineering, and designing a pre-engineered bolt-together kit. And delivering that metal building kit to the building site with engineered stamped plans for their state. Automation is to the point where the process is greatly sped up where you can design and price your project within moments online. This is a great help for builders and developers where they need to be specific on the design criteria and generating a price without waiting sets them above the competition. For other builders the communication issues trying to make the design and quote exact take time and more expertise to figure out what is missing.

metal building kit can be whatever you can imagine for bolt-together steel. The key is cost vs complexity vs shipping cost. For instance, if you design a residence with dormers or different levels and steps in the roof, sure it can be done in pre-engineered steel but most likely it would not be worth the “special” design and engineering for a cut-up shape and also the spans would be short. Also with a small building, the need to brace each surface becomes an issue with openings. And for smaller building freight is costly.

If your building fills 1/4 of a truck the cost is the same as a full truck. But for long spans, heavy loads, large spaces, open areas, factory type buildings where it would have many point loads hanging from the roof, cranes, in termite areas, corrosive areas, commercial uses, fire restive and many industrial uses a metal building kit is the best option.

In order to get the best value from your metal building project, it is best to span over 20′ between frames and 35′ or more span between frame line columns. The design is all figured on your environmental loads. The more the loads and the closer the mainframes are. The less the loads, like parts of Texas, the frames can be 30′ a part. The pressure on the exterior is transferred throughout the design to size the steel pieces and connections throughout the design.

With this understanding, that a little different loading or a little different design can greatly affect the cost is the reason for developing our design and price system online. For builders and erectors, it is the ultimate tool to help sell and land jobs ahead of the competition.

DIY Metal Buildings Kits

Rapidset Buildings offers a variety of fully customizable DIY metal building kits to serve both residential and commercial needs. These metal shop building kits are relatively easy to assemble and can also help you save a lot of money. Our DIY metal buildings kits have many benefits like protection from elements, customization, quality materials, etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building with the DIY metal building kits.


We embrace every challenge and create high-quality, high-tech metal building constructions for complex projects.


Tell us more about your metal building plans and we will set everything in motion to create a high-quality total solution.

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