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To design a metal building (without a hangar door) coordination is needed to get the correct code and loads on the metal building for it to be engineered correctly and also coordination is needed to get the anchor bolt reactions correct so that the foundation is formed for the least amount of concrete for the intended use of the metal building [read more]

Rapidset’s new metal building design and price tool is now available for builders, erectors and resellers.  It has been years in the making, now you can confirm loads and code by zip code, graphically layout your building, create an engineered design, price the project and even print out plans.

Building [read more]

Aircraft hangar design presents some unique challenges. A hangar building looks simple enough - they’re usually just rectangular buildings with lots of open floor space, right? While they do, indeed, look simple, appropriate aircraft hangar design requires careful attention. All the normal design considerations of a typical pre-engineered metal building apply to aircraft hangars, as well. Wind and roof loads and local building codes must be met, along with any other [read more]
Over the last 14 years, Rapidset Metal Buildings has quietly established itself as the best place to go when you need a steel building. Building on a dedication to outstanding customer service, superb quality and competitive pricing, Rapidset has delivered thousands of buildings of all kinds across the USA and over 20 countries around the globe. Commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, farm buildings, industrial buildings - metal buildings of every shape, size and design. Their consistent delivery of personal attention [read more]
I spent nearly a decade in the metal building business in the Southeast US selling all types of pre-engineered (PEB) buildings - garages, agricultural buildings, industrial buildings, hay barns, commercial buildings, church buildings, storage buildings, livestock sheds, RV storage buildings, mini-storage complexes - you name it, we did it. Our company rolled our own metal siding [read more]
I was the erector not the GC on this building. I arrived with a slab and an unloaded building ready to go. The GC was in Louisiana and took the prints with him. SteelBuildingSupplier was very helpful in supplying us with new prints for our Rapidset building. We began mid summer and couldn’t have picked a better day. 8:00am, 65°, a light breeze, and not a cloud in sight. With the boom forklift we rented we had the Columns up with the girts and cable braces before lunch. As we bolted the rafters together at their eaves [read more]
Rapidset Metal Buildings is now on Facebook and YouTube! Image Image [read more]

Steel buildings go far beyond simple warehouse buildings. Today, steel buildings are utilized as commercial spaces, residential facilities, sports complexes, and aircraft hangars. This is due to the fact that steel building offers a wide variety of advantages. Steel buildings serving as hangars is now commonplace. Aircraft have special requirements [read more]
When looking into purchasing a steel building the question of when to buy is an interesting and important question to consider.

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A company’s customer service record should be a core consideration when making any buying decision. This especially applies to buying a pre-engineered building. Each metal building should be designed and built to order. Nowadays the building department scrutinizes each detail of a design before granting their approval. Rapidset Metal Buildings started life from Inc [read more]
I wanted to write you a letter and let you know how impressed I am with your product and your organization. When we began our search for a manufacturer and supplier for our new building, we had many choices. There were the high pressure commission guys that promise that the price is going up by [read more]
Pole barns are one of the most common building structures around. They are often open buildings used for equipment or feed storage, but you will also find them partially or fully enclosed to allow for livestock boarding, tack rooms or work areas. The typical pole barn is constructed of wood posts and wooden roof trusses and light gauge sheeting on the roof, as well as walls over wood runners. A century ago, wood was easily the best choice in materials. It was inexpensive, readily available and owners usually designed and built their own buildings. Over the years, however [read more]

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We had a great time at Oshkosh this year! It seemed the activity at the booth in Hangar "D" was very good this year. Thank all of you who came over to introduce yourselves. We are grateful! [read more]
Here is how to order a metal building from Rapidset; 1. When a quote is completed online or a custom quote is created, the first thing to check is the expiration date. Sometimes steel fluctuates in price where we need to adjust prices. If the quote is past expiration please ask for it to be updated or do another design online. 2. We usually need to talk through and look over any quote or design we order. [read more]


See the original letter from Suncore.

The team at Suncor's Grand Junction, CO Products Transfer Terminal, like everyone in the oil & gas industry, operates in a challenging environment. They work in a physically demanding business, handling heavy equipment and exposing themselves to the elements every day. Their products are all hazardous and require special care and rigid compliance with regulatory guidelines. The railroad supply line never stops - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stoppages and delays simply can’t happen. Competitive pressures are always a concern, as well, and productivity is critical [read more]

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